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Sydney - London - New York - Zurich - Berlin - Vienna - Singapore - Rio - Dublin

    Since 1998 Rodrigues holds acting workshops all over the world to pass on his knowledge and education in the field of the performing arts.

Rodrigues developed the Ko Method, a technique that gives actors an understanding of constructing a range of diverse characters. His technique is based on a scientific approach towards the study of universal understandings. It also focuses on human body mechanisms and the experimentation of partial movements to find an understanding and connectivity within the totality of life's mechanisms.










Upcoming Workshops - 2017

Zurich, Switzerland

2 Days Acting Workshop

When: 18 & 19 March (weekend)

 from 9 am to 7:00 pm     

Price: 750.- CHF


>> more info

Sydney, Australia

3 Days Acting Workshop

When: 25th, 26th, and 27th of February

>> more info

Berlin, Germany

2 Days Acting Workshop

When: To confirm


>> more info

Berlin, Germany

2 Days Acting Workshop

When: To confirm


>> more info

F I L M   A C T O R S   P O I N T  -  W O R K S H O P

Intensive Acting Workshops with the Director and Producer Rodrigo Rodrigues

An exploration into the acting world and the study of necessary skills to build a wide range of characters.

Beginners and advanced are welcome.

Every participant will receive the following introduction:

Ko Method

The Universe of Voice

Physical Expressions

An Introduction to Butoh

Facial Expressions

Acting for film


Script Analyzes

How to build and develop a character

How to develop a scene

The skillset of an actor

Eye movement

Differences between stage and screen

CV/Headshot's analyses



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“ I first came across Rodrigo and his facial expressions technique in 2003 when he presented it to us at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. It was fabulous and really taught me to focus on my expressions. I can highly recommend Rodrigo`s technique and art form”


- Vittoria Collona, International Film Director and Artist



“I`ve been taking a couple of courses since I`ve started out but this one has helped me to increase my skillset in a way I haven`t experienced before. Besides feeling better prepared and more skillfull, I`m very glad I ve visited Mr. Rodrigues`s course and would like to say thank you.”


- Fergal F. - Dublin, Ireland - Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil



" It was the best opening scene for a theatre show that I have ever witnessed"   


- Brendan Gleeson, Actor


(The Trojan Women, directed by Rodrigo Rodrigues at the Smock Alley Theatre - Dublin)


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