What do we do?

Using the ancient knowledge of the Amazon’s natural medicines and mother nature, we make all sorts of art, then we film it and present to the world. Throughout our art process and plant-based ceremonies, we will connect you back to your ancient wisdom and your natural human spiritual self. We will guide you to dissolve your unhappiness and illusions, that society presents to your everyday life, in the most beautiful, peaceful way.
If you are willing to be in contact with your true persona, hidden deep into the mysteries of life, join us in the jungle.
Please check Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios page for their first feature film “Goitaca” which is based on visionary art and inspired by Mother Earth or check Goitaca official website 


April 2019 will be the inauguration of our Jungle Temple. Plant-based ceremonies followed by workshops.


Who can get involved?

Anyone, willing to connect with our beautiful sacred jungle.


How to get involved?

You can choose your own path on how you wish to get involved. Please send us an email to request more info. visionaryjungleart@gmail.com



Please go to our accommodation and catering page on this site.


Costs and payment 
Different costs for different activities. Please check Visionary Art


The money Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios makes will be used towards jungle conservation and community support.


You will be very welcome here.