Facial Expressions For Actors












"The fuel used in order to construct this work is based on the unconsciousness of Mankind / Universe, which implores for something to happen in this divided world that tries to form ingenious beings before science, “as critics”, a world that reveals a form of interpreting reality by taking one`s first and ingenuous impression as a basis and by obtaining knowledge through “economic means”, with the least effort possible, and with methodological resources predominantly equaling zero. Because of this mundane load which Mankind / Universe brings along, I  have continued to walk forward restlessly, towards something new – “the wings of imagination” – towards the development of the very science I adore to explore: Acting…

And therefor I produced this book, “FACIAL EXPRESSIONS FOR ACTORS”.

The evolution of all ideas generated within this book are exercises to develop an ability to create partial facial expressions as illustrated in the book “FACIAL EXPRESSIONS FOR ACTORS”. Through the development of factors in relation to our facial muscles we can reach a total understanding and clarification of the universe ( an equilibrium and interpretation)."


- Rodrigo Rodrigues, Author

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